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Post-Xprize update

Congratulations to Edison2, Li-Ion, and X-tracer!

Xprize announced winners today, but a spoiler came shortly after midnight last night, Aug 15th, when Ronald Ahrens gave the NYT a story they couldn’t resist publishing early: an unofficial breakdown of the winners.

Here’s a few links from today’s news:



Coming this evening: http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/episode/x-prize-cars-accelerating-the-future-5848/facts#tab-facts






I apologize again for the slow blog progress. Personal setbacks, front-burner goals, and the start of an additional income stream have kept me away. I’ll put another entry up as soon as I can, preferably in the next week.

My goal is to run the blog in my spare time, since I’m not paid for it, until I exhaust the content I collected at Xprize. There are more intimate, inspiring and personal stories to come including transcriptions of team interviews.

This is my “message in a bottle”, flung into cyberspace to anyone curious enough to unroll the tale. This bottle contains the only extensive first-hand, layperson account of the historic Automotive Xprize — a spark igniting the production of tomorrow’s cars, a ray of light at the dawn of America’s return to manufacturing, innovation, and energy independence.

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